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Scott Disick’s Selling His Chrome Audi R8

Looks like Scott Disick‘s unloading another ride and this time it’s his chrome wrapped Audi R8 that we spotted Kim Kardashian borrowing recently. Disick’s flashy R8 is up for grabs through Calabasas Luxury Motorcars with a ‘buy it now’ set at $134,995 on eBay.

Why do you think Disick’s gone through so many rides lately?

Scott Disick Audi R8

Scott Disick's Chrome Audi R8

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6 Responses to Scott Disick’s Selling His Chrome Audi R8

  1. bbp1aya says:

    Pretty much predicted that this was an automatic R8. Celebrities, all style no substance.

  2. Tom says:

    Eh, looks alright I guess. I mean, the R8 is an amazing vehicle don’t get me wrong but…the chrome wrap just doesn’t look at that stylish. White all the way!

  3. pop says:

    The R8 and Audi sucks, no wonder disick got rid of it as he is growing up. The kardashians have good taste in cars. they drive Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls, Bentley and Land Rover, nothing else, disick obviously figured that out and got rid of that amateur supercar.

    • Ben says:

      @Pop, if you were halfway intelligent, you’d know that the Volkswagen Group owns Audi, Porsche, and Bentley…they’re all from the same parent company. So you’re argument about Audi being an “amateur supercar” and that the Kardashians don’t drive Audi vehicles doesn’t hold up.

    • fair opinion but surely others will have their own opinions. I love the R8. IMO it will be an iconic car.

  4. Your mom says:

    This is for Ben you ignorant person. Just cause that Audi in particular looks like a soda can on steroids. Calm down it looks ridiculous.

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