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Roberto Carlos: Balling In A New Bugatti

Roberto Carlos must have had some extra cash laying around because the former Real Madrid footballer was recently spotted driving around in a new Bugatti Veyron. We really think David Beckham needs a Bugatti now – what do you think?

Roberto Carlos Bugatti Veyron

Thanks to alvaro for the tip!

Source: http://sportyou.es/diario/20120626/11/

9 Responses to Roberto Carlos: Balling In A New Bugatti

  1. A.K says:

    I think it looks SICK. I’m pretty sure that’s the Supersport. I’m glad that Carlos saved some millions from his salary at Madrid and not wasted all his paper on partying!

  2. manuka says:

    Dude, get you’re facts straight! No cash involved! It was a present! And btw it’s the best looking Veyron I’ve seen.

  3. Tapisco says:

    We are part of this blog so we can follow the trend among celebrities. If happens that one of us has a specific details about a celebrity or other, dont diss backfire other person…keep the simple rule: dont judge before you know the facts.
    BTW this Veyron is awsome and R.Carlos look good on it. I know for a fact that his money he put under his mother name…he had a divorce, so you can imagine if it was otherwise

  4. manuka says:

    @AK Seriously, why would I be talking to you? That comment was for celebritycarsblog.com obviously!

  5. Tom says:

    Doe allemaal ne keer goe gewoon!!

  6. DOGINC says:

    this is not his bugatti! it is owned by a friend of mine in my neighborhood.

  7. Tapisco says:

    The president of Turmekistan drives a Bugatti Veyron

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