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Road Trip Of A Lifetime In Jon Olsson’s Audi R8

We’ve come to the conclusion that Jon Olsson is awesome and so is his badass Audi R8. Recently, Jon posted this photo on his Facebook page where he’s holding a contest to win a trip to meet him in Germany and then ride with him in his badass R8 on the German Autobahn to Sweden. Not a bad deal huh? Unfortunately the finalists have already been picked but we can keep dreaming…

Jon Olsson Audi R8

9 Responses to Road Trip Of A Lifetime In Jon Olsson’s Audi R8

  1. RUFke says:

    I drove an R8 a few times and it is shit compared to the Veyron

  2. bank$ says:

    What a stupid comparison……… “it’s shit compared to veyron”. First you are comparing a car to something that you haven’t driven, and 2nd you can not compare these vehicles, one is a super car while the other is a hyper car. It’s like comparing a BMW M6 to a ferrari enzo.

  3. Pringles says:

    Isn’t that an S8?


    GUARANTEED pringles is just some wannabe loser, looking for attention with stupid a$$ f”n comments.

  5. Vasi says:

    Boom! I want a ride! Well, but I can keep dreaming right =)

  6. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Hey RUFKe driving the Audi R8 in your dreams dosent count asshole!!! Haha what a loser. I’m surprised this RUFKe fuck face didn’t try to tell off the bank$ guy that told him his comparison was retarded

  7. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Hey RUFKe one more thing its kinda hard to compare the Veyron when you never even drove it

  8. Bobby R says:

    I really feeling this guy’s ride.

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