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Jersey Shore Cast Shows Of Their Rides

The next season of Jersey Shore (and most likely the last) recently started filming at the shore house. The cast was spotted pulling up to the house in separate cars – Vinny Guadagnino pulled up in a Mercedes-Benz E550, DJ Pauly D showed up in a white Cadillac Escalade with some hideous white wheels, Snooki showed up in her customized Cadillac Escalade EXT while stumbling around like normal (even without alcohol), Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino showed up in his white Jeep Wrangler and Deena Nicole kept things real (real boring) by showing up in a Mazda 3.  While these guys are making plenty of money we wouldn’t be surprised if they rack up some debt with the best credit card they have.

Who’s ride would you rock?

Vinny Guadagnino Mercedes Benz E550

DJ Pauly D Cadillac Escalade

Snooki Cadillac Escalade

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Jeep Wrangler

Deena Nicole Cortese Mazda 3

10 Responses to Jersey Shore Cast Shows Of Their Rides

  1. @KylinJohnson says:

    That E550 is crazy!

  2. tapiscadas says:

    Mercedes E550.Mazda3 is a good car, NEVER boring.
    Whats wrong with Snooki?is she a real person???What kind of shoes are those?

  3. search41 says:

    these people are discusting !

  4. Ty says:

    The mercedes and the wrangler look nice !

  5. Francois says:

    I would go for the Merc. I am a big fan of the E-Class Coupé and Mercedes in general.

  6. Lala says:

    Pauly’s cadillac looks good in white but those wheels are really hideous!

  7. Anthony says:

    look at the bend in the back of Pauly’s wheel haha can see that from a mile away

  8. jmason says:

    I like the Benz, the rest are trashy!!!!

  9. Jessan says:

    They still film this show? The benz and wrangler look pretty sick tho! and is it me or does paulys truck look more like a yukon? I could be wrong, it just looks like one to me

  10. Leslie says:

    I would ride vinnys paulys and snookis

    Ps. Jersey is the best showw

    I <3 JERSEY SHORE!!!!

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