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T-Pain Picks Up A Gucci Fiat 500

Forget the Ferrari’s, the Lambo’s, even the Bugatti’s — T-Pain’s got a new ride. That’s right, T-Pain is rolling a Gucci Fiat 500 and he posted these photos of it on his Instagram page. What do you think of T-Pain in a Fiat??

T Pain Gucci Fiat 500

T Pain Gucci Fiat

Source: T-Pain’s Instragram

2 Responses to T-Pain Picks Up A Gucci Fiat 500

  1. Francois says:

    I do like the 500. Not so much this probably immensely overpriced Gucci version, but a standard 500 or the Abarth are very likable in my view.

  2. Joshua McNeill says:

    This is what happens when you have WAY too much money; picking up random cars whenever you feel like it. I do like the Gucci one though…. hmmm… maybe Gucci Mane needs one?

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