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Selena Gomez Needs A New Ride

Obviously Selena Gomez isn’t into cars as much as her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena was spotted filling up her boring Ford Escape (while talking on her cell phone) at a local gas station recently. Don’t worry, we’re sure the Biebs will buy her a car at some point.

Selena Gomez Ford Escape

14 Responses to Selena Gomez Needs A New Ride

  1. A.K says:

    Definitely no swag there, but then again, why would there…

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t understand why she needs a new car…Ford Escape is a great car if you want SUV..I own one

  3. Marcy says:

    Range Rover is a great car if u want SUV I own one

  4. Trev says:

    Its called staying under the radar, Carrie underwood drives like a 4 year old escape aswell

  5. Josh M. says:

    I think she needs either a mercedes, Porsche, or Lexus. She has got to step up her game!

  6. @KylinJohnson says:

    I think she would be great in a 3 series conv. or an audi like Vanessa Hudgens’

  7. asme says:

    Lada Niva is a great car if you want a SUV, i own one, obviously

  8. tapiscadas says:

    She can afford Range Rovers,Audis,Mercedes,Porsches and any other super car.But a question comes up:does she have the ability to drive and control such powerfull cars? When she ends up crashing it, we will definitely call her names, so it her get practice with Escape,a car that handles perfectly.
    No ability on super cars, is just for show. “just my thoughts”

  9. tapiscadas says:

    She can afford Range Rovers,Audis,BMWs,Mercedes, but on top of that comes a question:does she have the ability to drive and control such powerfull cars?
    Or we want to see her showing off and then crashing it? I rather suggest her to take lesson on super cars manouverability…jut my thoughts…
    Escape is defenitely a good car to move around…by the way Bibier drives her around all the time…

  10. someone says:

    why is she on the phone while pumping gas..

  11. george says:

    She is not into cars. Just that. Anyway, I love the fact that She is not a diva 😉

  12. milad says:

    its hard to find a modest celeb as her…:)

  13. justin says:

    Yuck! What celebrity would ever want to drive a pos ford. She obviously doesn’t have good taste in cars compared to other celebrities.

  14. KZ says:

    It’s media like you guys that make this generation go downhill. If she doesn’t care about cars then don’t worry about her. Celebs don’t NEED to 80k+ cars, think about all those people that don’t even have a car to get to work.

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