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Mariah Carey’s New Personalized Mercedes-Benz SLK

Mariah Carey was spotted out and about in her new Mercedes-Benz SLK with blacked out taillights, wheels and pink "M's" embroidered on the headrests. Apparently she received the car as a gift from her husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey Mercedes Benz SLK

She had a friend do the driving for her though since she was obviously way too busy applying her makeup.

Mariah Carey Mercedes Benz SLK

Mariah Carey Mercedes Benz

Thanks to Fran for the tip!

3 Responses to Mariah Carey’s New Personalized Mercedes-Benz SLK

  1. manuka says:


  2. Matthew Bacon says:

    Her SLK looks great and with some celebrities going over the top with their customisation it’s great to see simple styling at its best. The car from stock is a brilliant car and very expensive, I guess that’s why carleasing is so popular amongst those not in the lime light.

  3. Fisker Dealer says:

    Mariah’s car looks amazing in black on black. Here and Nick Cannon are a cute couple.

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