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Jay Leno Gets Around Town In His Fiat Botafogo Special

Jay Leno was spotted driving his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special on the streets of Los Angeles this weekend. Check out the video below and hear what Jay has to say about the car and it's WW1 aircraft engine.

Jay Leno Botafogo Special


6 Responses to Jay Leno Gets Around Town In His Fiat Botafogo Special

  1. Matt says:

    *ITS engine

  2. Kim says:

    Jay is awesome I would love to tour his garage just one time, it would be like heaven.

  3. Hire crates says:

    A wonderful vehicle. I believe that the engine is very powerful. This is kind of car must have sentimental value for him.

  4. Auto Handlers says:

    Jay has some serious class when it comes to his vehicles.

  5. U.v.M. says:

    A true FAKE by Pur Sang of Argentinia. Only the FIAT engine is full on.
    It`s a realhoot !
    A real shame !

    Salut, folks

  6. mrcarsaleman says:

    he has a strange car these rich people like x factors simon cowell do spend there money in strange ways.

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