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Tamara Ecclestone Picks Up A Brand New Bentley

As if she didn’t have enough already, Tamara Ecclestone has also added a brand new white Bentley Continental GT to her collection. Tamara was recently spotted filling up the tank (in 5 inch heels) at a station in Chelsea.

According to Tamara’s twitter account a few days ago (after this photo was taken) her Bentley was actually vandalized. In what way, we don’t really know but this is what she wrote on her Twitter page: “What kind of a sick society do we live in where you can’t park your car on the street because some horrible little b*****d will vandalise it.”

No comment.

Tamara Ecclestone Bentley

Photo: http://www.ghanamma.com/2012/04/tamara-ecclestone-fills-up-her-brand-new-123000-bentley/

14 Responses to Tamara Ecclestone Picks Up A Brand New Bentley

  1. search41 says:

    I saw a Bentley back in 2010 when I was going to get some toilet paper from Wal-mart. Looked amazing! Btw this is a replica 100% I know because my father has a Bentley store!

  2. Snickers says:

    Why does she fuel it. Isn’t it a hybrid?

  3. Lexa says:

    Looks fantastic. I love this website you can see all the celebrity’s rides. I always visit it whenever my parents are sleep since I’m grounded for life these days lol. Brings me hope and……….Uh oh my parents are coming I gotta go, I really hope they don’t catch me, shit am I busted?? OMG I need to finish this damn comment

  4. RUFke says:

    I like the color. But I don’t think this is a Bentley, just like search41 said it’s either a replica or a Hamann Kia Optima.

  5. manuka says:

    @RUFke what the hell is wrong with you? and @Snickers are you high? Since when did Bentleys become hybrids? Jesus!

  6. rhyds says:

    @manuka exactly! her fathers a billionaire, its going to be a bentley! and a hybrid? highly doubt that! @snickers do you even know what a hybrid is? they save gas but they still can run on it!

  7. search41 says:

    I am Search41. Someone is using my name ???

  8. Trevor says:

    You guys are all f’n idiots.

  9. manuka says:

    someone is using my name! bentley replica?? wtf

  10. Vroom says:

    You guys are all idiots that a 2012 bentley continental gt with mulliner styling and it looks different than previous continental gt since it received a facelift this year.

  11. Vroom says:

    i feel her pain sm1 keyed my relatives Xf supercharged worthless scumbags gd for nothing so what if someoene has a better car than you deal with it dont gurt someones pride and joy.

  12. lewtee says:

    Her dad created formula 1, he is worth £2.6 billion… of course its not a replica, its just the new shape continental.

  13. Joshua McNeill says:

    It is AWESOME!

  14. Manuka says:

    This is a Mulsanne

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