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Sean Penn Fills Up His Nissan

Sean Penn left his Mustang at home for the day and took his Nissan Titan out instead. Sean was spotted filling up the tank at a gas station in Los Angeles recently. Lets just hope that cigarette isn’t actually lit.

Sean Penn Nissan Titan

7 Responses to Sean Penn Fills Up His Nissan

  1. Joshua McNeill says:

    Gosh, he needs an upgrade ASAP!!

  2. Francois says:

    Driving a car that isn’t flashy, expensive or stylish when you could afford it is very cool. He could easily gone for something costly but he simply decided not to.

  3. Matt says:

    That is the lowest end titan available, I’m surprised he did not upgrade a little on the trim packages.

  4. San Diego Car Repair says:

    That’s the first thing that I noticed. I hope he didn’t forget that such tiny slip ups is threading on the thin line between life and death.

  5. Nissan Minneapolis says:

    I think it’s super cool when celebs drive regular cars; it shows that they could care less about status symbols or showing off. Also, some people aren’t really into cars…

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