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What The Hell Is Rick Springfield Driving???

Seriously, what the hell is Rick Springfield driving and what did he do with his beautiful custom Corvette Sting Ray??

Rick Springfield

8 Responses to What The Hell Is Rick Springfield Driving???

  1. TYI says:

    its a Lexus LS400

  2. tapiscadas says:

    its Toyota Camry ยด96

  3. RUFke says:

    Old lex

  4. @KylinJohnson says:

    A 1998 LS

  5. CAR GENIUS says:

    You guys suck. That’s clearly a first generation Lexus LS.

  6. RUFke says:

    You suck, that’s a 2007 Bmw E180. You can tell by the front headlight!

  7. manuka says:

    @RUFke Haha, funny!

  8. Kingmee says:

    It’s good to be practical…good for him!

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