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How Many Range Rover’s Can Two Sister’s Have?

Petra Ecclestone and Tamara Ecclestone both left a shopping center recently and had their customized Range Rovers waiting curbside. These Rover’s are nice but not quite as cool as Petra’s L.A. Rover.

Petra Ecclestone Tamara Ecclestone Range Rover

Petra Tamara Ecclestone Range Rover

5 Responses to How Many Range Rover’s Can Two Sister’s Have?

  1. kris says:

    I want the black Overfinch… (drooling) and I am never that impressed by automobiles

  2. Matthew Williams says:

    Hehe.. ‘Shopping center’ probably Harrods! I love their cars. Tamara has a 599 GTO in grey!

  3. BITCHOARDER says:


  4. Trevor says:

    Meh….. I would rather have the Kahn design range rover over the overfinch

  5. Mabdul says:

    Why do underfinch always try to piggy back of Kahn?
    Chavs galore – stick to going into adminstration I say

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