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The Garages From Million Dollar Rooms

Tonight there is an all new show on HGTV called Million Dollar Rooms.  We’d seen previews here and there but today we decided to check out their website and looks like we might have some Million Dollar Garages in store too!  Looks like there will be a handful of episodes and we think one will even be showing off a room from 50-Cents house that they say rivals Las Vegas night clubs.

Million Dollar Room with Garage

Million Dollar Garage with Porsche and Viper

Brian Ross Million Dollar Garage

Tom Gonzalez’s Subterranean Garage
Tom Gonzalez is a well known software mogul having sold the company Commerce One. He seems to have quite the appetite for motorcycles.

3 Responses to The Garages From Million Dollar Rooms

  1. Link says:

    Those are some phat garages, I could put my vw in there lol

  2. Gladys says:

    Just saw this episode of Million dollar rooms (Garage). I was never so disquested in all my life. I can’t believe anyone can be so happy about spending millions of dollars on hoists that lift up busess and endless vehicles that are never driven, when so many people in this country are straving and dying every day. I just can’t believe that society has become so materialistic.

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