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Justin Bieber Wraps His Fisker Karma In Chrome

We figured it wouldn’t be long before Justin Bieber would do something to the Fisker Karma he received as a birthday gift from his manager recently but a chrome wrap from West Coast Customs is honestly the last thing we would’ve expected.

The Fisker Karma looked good before he turned it into this cheap looking aluminum can. ¬†All we can say is that when Justin see’s the Karma that 503 Motoring is working on he’ll be thinking twice.

And if’ we’re not mistaken are those are led light-strips on the bottom side of the car. What are your thoughts on this?

Justin Bieber Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber Fisker

Justin Bieber Fisker Karma


21 Responses to Justin Bieber Wraps His Fisker Karma In Chrome

  1. Md says:

    This is sad! Too bad his idea did not turn as awesome as his Batmobile.

  2. Rez says:

    This Fisker is a complete fail by Bieber and WCC. Unlike his Rover and CTS-V WCC did for him, this one is completely ugly. Looks like he saw that chrome R8 with LED strips under that WCC made for SEMA and wanted similar for his Karma.

  3. RUFke says:

    Douchebag style

  4. AK says:


  5. Joshua McNeill says:

    First of all, that chrome wrap makes it look like a piece of junk. Second of all, Why would Justin Bieber ruin a $100,000+ car with LED lights, Chrome wrap, etc… It just makes me so mad!!

  6. @KylinJohnson says:

    He should stop going to WCC and try Platinum Motorsports. I have loved every.single.car that the customized.

  7. Mer says:

    You talk about JB like he’s a rational adult. He’s still a kid w/kid taste. Too much money and immaturity create a car like that. Blech.

  8. Trevor says:

    those led’s are standard josh………. so no he didn’t add them on.

  9. DJL says:

    Given the absolutely lousy initial experience Consumer Reports had with the Fisker they bought, I suspect Bieber and most of the celebs who have them won’t be keeping them very long. Paying ridiculous amounts of money for green transport is one thing. But even celebs aren’t willing to trade reliability for green cred.

  10. Wft says:


  11. Orange County Ford says:

    I think that car would attract too much LAPD attention… we all know Justin Bieber got pulled over before… you can’t go under the radar in a chromed out Fisker like that….

  12. ghaith alsharari says:

    he just fucked up a nice car

  13. RUFke says:

    @Trevor Purple ones underneath the car? I don’t think so

  14. indy-in-IN says:

    I actually think it looks better than the crap original. It sure stands out.

  15. RIGS says:

    Asshole, he’s gonna blind all of the drivers on the road. No consideration for anyone.

  16. E says:

    You know what, I don’t hate it. Most of you douches should chill out and stop hating the fact that actually JB is an ok guy with a huge amount of money at a young age.

  17. Bosie says:

    So Justin takes a tonne of toxic, environmentally nasty chrome and pours it over a car which is supposed to be the last word in eco-friendliness. What a bloody moron!

  18. Vroom says:

    wow another nouveaux riche poser .

  19. Mercurywoodrose says:

    Actually, the idea of chrome plating a car is ridiculously cool. the big rims and led’s pimp it out too much, though. a delorean on steroids. anyone who doesnt think chrome is cool is quite insane. good car to cover, as well. a chrome plated minivan would really suck (double entendre intended).

  20. Car Alarm Systems says:

    Young, wild and free….but then again simplicity is beauty. He should have stick to the original.

  21. Adamek says:

    I love the Fisker Karma, but this one is a little too shiny for me. Nonetheless the car is really sexy. It doesn’t just have the looks. I urge you to study its technical details. Sweet!

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