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Jon Olsson’s Carbon Fiber Winter Monster Will Run You Over

Professional freeskier and alpine ski racer, Jon Olsson is at it again with yet another sick ride. This time Olsson’s got himself one really expensive snow plow with really ridiculously good looks. The guys at PPI worked their magic to turn Olsson’s Audi R8 into an outta this world carbon fiber widebody monster. If we could have any R8 this would be it.

What do you think of Olsson’s bad ass R8?

Jon Olsson Audi R8

Jon Olsson Audi R8

Jon Olsson Audi R8

Source: Jon-Olsson.com

Hat tip to RUFek!


13 Responses to Jon Olsson’s Carbon Fiber Winter Monster Will Run You Over

  1. JWM says:

    WOW! I love it!

  2. ghaith alsharari says:

    damn look at that rear wing !

  3. Trevor says:

    Those tinted headlights look horrible, & plus the thing that makes the R8 so unique is the side-blade. It still looks cool, but that spoiler looks weird from the back.

  4. tapiscadas says:

    The best looking R8 ever, unique, sick…black on white contrast…”Trevor” the rear spoiler matches with the roof rack and jon olsson style…

  5. manuka says:

    Definitely the best looking R8 out there. The rear spoiler has to be up there because of the ski box. Made in Germany…

  6. Ty says:

    Its kind of unimaginative. All black wow. People like Metcalfe or Leno at least have old cars or cars with completely different character and are genuine collectors. This guy has same era, a bunch of very similar supercars. And Id be embarassed to keep buying cars like that right in the face of the public while 90% of people are having more and more problems making ends meet.

  7. RUFke says:

    But those 90% of the people aren’t his problem? His money his choice….

  8. Ty says:

    True to a point. Not his problem directly yes. But indirectly without a doubt. If rich people were more like Buffet, Gates or Branson and gave if only 5% of their wealth away the financial crisis for example would be over in a month. I dont know about you but I know Id feel like sh*t driving around in one of my 20 supercars while passing families with kids in their 20 year old rustbuckets. Id still have a bunch of supercars sure but Id give back all the time.
    Only selflessness can make the world more pleasant for everyone. I mean, do you really like living in a world where more and more people only care for themselves and its come to the point where people dont even react to seeing a murder or a person being ran over. Its almost sickening what people are becoming like.

  9. RUFke says:

    I don’t know where are you living, but where I live people don’t get murdered and ran over… And if you care so much for the poor, why don’t you give away 5% of your income, I know it’s not as big as Gates or Bransons’s 5% but I hope you get my point.

  10. hsa says:

    That is a pretty sick looking ride

  11. Matt says:

    @Ty how would you know if he was generous or not?

  12. Dubai property says:

    Ohhhhhh WOW it is awesome Car!!!!!

  13. T. Scott says:

    Ty, are you out of a job, or bitter? You could tax the super rich at 100% for 200 years and not make a dent in the deficit. When someone has an abundance of wealth, it’s because they made their own pie. They did not take a piece of yours. It’s folks like me, the upper middle, middle class who pay the majority of taxes in the US. We take care of the needy just fine here. Too well in some cases, creating multigenerational families of welfare dependant folks. Oh, and Ty, just in case you didn’t know, the government does not create wealth. Rather, it consumes and redistributes it…

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