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J.C. Romero’s Customized BMW X6M

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, J.C. Romero recently picked up his new BMW X6M from the guys over at Rennen International/Donz Wheels. The ‘Chapo’ wheels are from Donz Monoforged Series and the 22” monoblocks are staggered at 22×10.5 and 22×12. They are finished with a gloss black face, color match BMW red windows and highlighted with BMW center caps. This is one eye catching X6M that’s for sure. The X6M is definitely one of those love it or hate it kind of rides though.

What do you think of Romero’s ride?

J.C. Romero BMW X6M

J.C. Romero BMW


3 Responses to J.C. Romero’s Customized BMW X6M

  1. Ty says:

    If nothing else, the noise the x6m makes is absolutely brilliant IMO.

  2. BMW recall says:

    superbly beautiful! This particular recipe yields 555 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque rolling out as early as 1500 rpm. Which should be fun. On the other hand, Frisbee golf is fun. But does anyone take it seriously?

  3. Sweet looking X6M. Digging everything except the Wheels on it.

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