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Kim Kardashian Catches A Ride From Her Mom

Kim Kardashian braved the L.A. rain and headed to church with her mom, Kris Jenner this weekend in Kris’ Mercedes G-Wagon. Kim should ditch her Rover and get a Mercedes G55 for herself. What do you think?

Kim Kardashian Mercedes Benz

Kim Kardashian Mercedes Benz G Wagon

15 Responses to Kim Kardashian Catches A Ride From Her Mom

  1. Ty says:

    First she should go to the store and buy some nice clothes that fit together.

  2. search41 says:

    what do I think ? I think someone has a huge bucket . Can you say YUK !!

  3. hangman game says:

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  4. @KylinJohnson says:

    I personally, am in love with the Rover. I don’t think she should ditch it, but I could def. see her potentially becoming a new member of the “G-Wagon Mafia”

  5. Guy Manningham says:

    Can someone please tell me why Kim Kardashian is famous? Or better yet, why are people still talking about her? I hope her 15 minutes are up soon.

  6. Ford Dealer says:

    I thought she was some sort of fashionista. She looks like a couple scoops of sherbet piled into a G-Wagon.

  7. Aston says:

    I wish she would just go away…

  8. @KylinJohnson says:

    >>>>That first pic!

  9. Dre says:

    this isn’t even a g55

  10. ghaith alsharari says:

    @ford dealer lol thats so true

  11. nyctreeman says:

    wow…that’s some caboose she’s got there!
    and she’s knock-kneed to boot!

  12. nyctreeman says:

    @ford dealer – haha! “a couple of scoops of sherbet” … that’s about to spill out of the cone 😛

  13. Joshua McNeill says:

    I agree with CCB, Kim needs a G55 herself and hopefully she doesn’t get pink hints on it, but a Lexani or Avanti Package would look GREAT on it. Not to mention how stylin’ Kim K looks!! 🙂

  14. Big says:

    Kris Jenner needs to do better!!
    Kim u are…the best!!
    They were filming on this day I remember seeing y’all at church and Kim let me grad dat ass and it’s so soft.

  15. Alex says:

    Wow what a throwback.
    Kim going to church?
    Not owning an AMG G wagon?
    Things have really changed

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