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Eike Batista Son Kills a Cyclist in a Mercedes SLR

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity or access to cars like a Mercedes SLR don’t be an idiot and endanger the lives of others like the son of Eike Batista who killed a cyclist in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend.
Eike Batista's Wrecked Mercedes SLR

Source: Wrecked Exotics

10 Responses to Eike Batista Son Kills a Cyclist in a Mercedes SLR

  1. MaxBR says:

    he drives like a maniac and also owns an aventador, BMW X6 Hammann and an Aston Vantage.
    They tried to buy a Veyron but they didnt want to wait for the car.

  2. ACRbr says:

    why are you saying he’s an idiot? are you a friend of him know how he is? man, he wasn’t drunk and tried to help the cyclist. it happened on a dangerous street that everyday something like this happens. i’m not defending eike’s son, but it’s ridiculous what are you saying without know what really happened.
    Max, hes had an Aston Martin DBS, it wasn’t a vantage

  3. MaxBR says:

    Yes, he’s a complete maniac at the wheel, he even got youtube videos hooning around rio.
    i know people close to him and his father. DBS, yeah, i got mixed up, but he sold it.

  4. ACRbr says:

    i know these videos and i know he is a “maniac”, but everyone is judging him before knowing what happened…

  5. @KylinJohnson says:

    Both of you guys, stop trying to prove your point…somebody died. When whatever really happens comes out, then you’ll be able to gloat….but for right now, just forget about it and think about the person on his bike that lost his life. Still did you think that maybe the cyclist was at fault?

  6. fpsrussia says:

    If you are driving a SLR and you somehow damage it your a stupid idiot.

  7. AK says:

    Shit happens

  8. manuka says:

    It’s for sure the most pedestrian/cyclist unfriendly car to get in contact with.

  9. Dennis Caelian says:

    Nice car or not. Somebody died.

  10. CVBr says:

    Te accident was not his fault. The cyclist was crossing the road tonight, without any prottection equipment or security lights. The speed limit was 110Km/h. Impossible to see, impossible to brake.

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