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Tyga’s Gold and Ugly Audi R8

The Audi R8 is sick no matter what stupid shit you do to it but a gold wrap with a cashmere interior is hideous. Chalk this up to another horrible car by rapper I don’t care about.

Tyga's Gold Audi R8

Source: LAUNFD

10 Responses to Tyga’s Gold and Ugly Audi R8

  1. Ty says:

    creative person lol..

  2. Guest says:

    Whenever some Arab tycoon does gold, you’re all over it… not only is Tyga one of the biggest up-and-comers with an amazing flow, but his cars actually fit with his personality. And honestly, a lot more eloquent and well-spoken than most modern rappers.

    And cashmere interior, with literally any exterior, is sweeeeet! Cashmere/camel with black, with white, with British Racing Green, perfect.

  3. Honey 4u2nV says:

    I Love The R8, But For The Color? Hmmm

  4. Rapunzel says:

    i really love its unique and creative he likes to be different and i love that about him…

  5. paris says:

    Uniquik….a real eye catcher…..great machine..

  6. Romeo says:

    Like his creativity that car matches his character

  7. RACHETT says:

    I love tyga that nigga sexy af… also im stealing the car idea

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