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The Ultimate G55 for the G-Wagon Mafia

For a long time we’ve referred to any celebrity driving a G-Wagon as a member of the G-Wagon Mafia and truth be told it’s our absolute favorite SUV.  Celebs that we’ve seen driving G-Wagon’s in the past:

Kevin Jonas

Ashley Tisdale

Renee Zellweger

Audrina Patridge

Megan Fox


But until now all these G-Wagons have been pretty much the same but it’s time to change that.  Jonathan Ward from Icon 4×4 has created the ultimate G55 Wagon reworking so many details that it blows my mind.  No word on who the car was built for but this G-Wagon shits on the competition! (feel free to quote me on that!)

ICON 4x4 Mercedes G55 G-Wagon

Icon 4x4 Mercedes G55-front

8 Responses to The Ultimate G55 for the G-Wagon Mafia

  1. Frank K says:

    That g55 is awesome but they have those paints stock. frank Kern has one!

  2. Celebrity Cars says:

    I believe there is a color similar to this known as Designo Alanite Grey Magno.

    Seen here on a G-Wagon: http://mbworld.org/forums/attachments/g55-amg-w463/182890d1274181374-introducing-claudia-iv-g55_designo_platinum_magno1.jpg

  3. Keith Taylor says:

    This is my dream car. It’s not actually that good looking at first sight, but there’s just something about it the reaches down your throat and squeezes your heart.

  4. Walter says:

    This is a great looking car

  5. trevor says:

    That led strip across the front looks soooooo bad. Icon is just another tuner that ruined the g-wagon.

  6. Vivid says:

    I have owned a G-Wagon AMG and it was my fav ride ever!

  7. Tim says:

    I think it looks good. I really like the latter on the back.

  8. Coy Coleman says:

    ICON didn’t really tune it that much. Some LED’s, replaced some of the plastic trim with metal, metal grill, some interior touches. Now his FJ and Broncos are total rebuilds from the ground up and are untouchable.

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