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The Ultimate G55 for the G-Wagon Mafia

For a long time we’ve referred to any celebrity driving a G-Wagon as a member of the G-Wagon Mafia and truth be told it’s our absolute favorite SUV.  Celebs that we’ve seen driving G-Wagon’s in the past:

Kevin Jonas

Ashley Tisdale

Renee Zellweger

Audrina Patridge

Megan Fox


But until now all these G-Wagons have been pretty much the same but it’s time to change that.  Jonathan Ward from Icon 4×4 has created the ultimate G55 Wagon reworking so many details that it blows my mind.  No word on who the car was built for but this G-Wagon shits on the competition! (feel free to quote me on that!)

ICON 4x4 Mercedes G55 G-Wagon

Icon 4x4 Mercedes G55-front

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