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Dwyane Wade Gets A McLaren MP4-12C As A Gift

Earlier today I was thinking it's got to be real nice to be Chris Harris but now I'm thinking it's got to feel real nice to be Dwyane Wade who was gifted a McLaren MP4-12C from the owner of the Miami dealership "The Collection".

So now the real question, can he fit in it?

Dwayne Wade's New McLaren

Dwayne Wade's New McLaren MP412C

Peace out Mercedes SLR.

Thanks for the Reader Tip Ken! via CBSSPORTS

3 Responses to Dwyane Wade Gets A McLaren MP4-12C As A Gift

  1. Dennis Caelian says:

    Wow! A gift?!?! He must have been speechless.

  2. John Kennedy says:

    Not a bad life mr.wade has is it?

  3. But Hey at lest he’s not also super successful…oh wait nvm

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