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Mike Wolfe’s VW Single Cab Bus

I’m not much of a television watcher but one show I love is American Pickers on History. If you watch you know Mike and Frank love everything “transportation” but what you might now know is what Mike Wolfe has as a daily driver. As you can imagine he’s got something awesome so what better than a Single-Cab Volkswagen Type 2.

Mike Wolfe in his VW VAN

Mike Wolfe VW Single Cab

And another shot seen on his twitter.
Mike Wolfe's VW Rampside

Mike Wolfe's Rampside VW Bus

8 Responses to Mike Wolfe’s VW Single Cab Bus

  1. bez recepty says:

    WOooWWWW!! that’s my dream! respect 2 Mike!

  2. Dan Neil says:

    He’s got passion in every inch of his body.

  3. Dallen Harris says:

    Now that’s a cool ride and you can haul as much stuff as you want… BONUS!

  4. Kevin says:

    It’s still in great condition and you can tell that he actually USES it!

  5. Dennis Caelian says:

    That is what you call art. Such a beautiful ride that brings out memories of youth during simpler times.

  6. Volkswagen Parts says:

    This VW Bus is really old. This sure brings back memories. There was a lot of this cab-bus back in the day.

  7. Kevin Hoover says:

    Great van but he can’t be using it. Visited the shop in May and it has a flat tyre and full of cobwebs. I love VW’s and it’s so cool but it looked like he’d had it parked up for quite a while!!

  8. Wendy Richardson says:

    My husband built this transporter. I loved it! It was a blast to drive although a little scary. We took it to The Classic in Texas and trailered it all the way from DFW, Texas to Las Vegas. I’m always happy when we can see it on the show.

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