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Justin Bieber’s Flat Black Range Rover

The camera’s recently caught Justin Bieber heading into a parking garage in his flat black on black Range Rover. Rover’s can be so played out but we have to say we’d rock this one. Would you?

Justin Bieber Range Rover

9 Responses to Justin Bieber’s Flat Black Range Rover

  1. qwerty says:

    Range Rover’s are so played out. So is matte black paint…. but this RR does look good. He looks so tiny in the big Rover.

  2. Bentoboxx says:

    Matte Black….Matte any color for that matter is HORRIBLE!

  3. M-NC says:

    he looks so tiny

  4. Md says:

    Hmm, in any other place a matte black Rover would look nice, but Range Rovers are generally sexy. However, in hollywood, Range Rovers are so common that I applaud the kid for being unique with his CTS-V Coupe with a batmobile theme. I hope he keeps going after custom cars with personality rather than being one of many.

  5. FR says:

    I’m pretty sure there was a Range Rover that looked exactly the same on Ebay a while back.

  6. John R says:

    hate this kid/wish I was him

    every girl in the world wants him and he has enough money to buy any car he wants-all i would need to be happy.

  7. sunbeam says:

    matte black was played out 2 years ago. now it looks just silly……and the fact that he looks and is, a small child in such a big car, is not a good look either

  8. John R says:

    Check out this picture:


    notice the matte black range in the background, really looks exactly like the one bieber is driving wheels and all. in fact looks like beiber even behind the wheel.

    is justin in chicago???

  9. daisybischoff says:

    Well he is tiny. He is only 5’4 5’5. lol. and hes super skinny so he is tiny.

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