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Paris Hilton’s Black Friday Special… A Ferrari California

While we were all out elbowing our way to $3 DVDs or just sleeping in after eating too much turkey and pie Paris Hilton was taking delivery of a red Ferrari California. ¬†We’re not positive but we think this is Paris’ first Ferrari and it seems like a good fit for it.

Paris Hilton's Ferrari California
Source: Xposurephotos.com

Paris Hilton Ferrari California
Source: X17online.com

Source: TMZ

11 Responses to Paris Hilton’s Black Friday Special… A Ferrari California

  1. luke says:

    im pretty sure she had a 360 spider

  2. Jcm says:

    Hopefully this ferrari stays red and the wheels stay stock, it’s looks fine just the way it’s is. No murdering it out or bubble gum pinkifying it.

  3. caleb says:

    that car is ugly as hell. she should have gotten a 599….but what do you expect from that ugly useless slut Parasite Hilton.

  4. Romy says:

    whoa, easy caleb – such a manly name but so gay with the attitude. I say that’s a pretty good addition to her collection, but i’m still lovin’ the lexus lfa.

  5. Hetfield says:

    She should be on my bike and we’ll cruise El Diablo and be gone for good.

  6. Lars says:

    A hottie gifted with great taste in cars.

  7. Oneup says:

    First Kim got a Phantom. Than Paris an LFA. Then Kim a 458. Now Paris with a Cali. YOUR MOVE KIM. But no really, I’m just glad they’re not driving around in Range Rovers!!

  8. Celebrity Cars says:

    I agree… 599 is a better looking car. 599 GTB is the ultimate.

  9. manuka says:

    @Celebrity Cars
    No! The GTO is the ultimate! Like that Ecclestone bitch! That’s a hot car for a girl.

  10. jared l. says:

    ewwww her nose looks like a penis. she looks so dumb driving at night with sunglasses. someone needs to punch the hell out of her face.

  11. Rob says:

    She has amazing taste as a car collector.

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