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We would have never guess that FPSRUSSIA drives a Camaro SS but he recently tweeted out a pic of it and being that we also know he has a 50’s Chevrolet we’re guessing that our favorite Russian likes his bowtie!

If you don’t know who FPSRUSSIA is grab a soda and sit back because you got a lot of videos to watch! When you’ve had enough of FPSRUSSIA then you should check out HarleyPlays and the EPIC MEAL TIME guys.  We’ll even mail you some bacon if you can get us a picture of HarleyPlays or Muscles Glasses driving a car.


Fpsrussia Chevrolet Camaro SS

5 Responses to FPSRUSSIA’s Camaro SS

  1. Celebrity Cars says:

    I would also like to point out that I think PhillyD and FPSRUSSIA should race… Challenger SRT8 Vs Camaro SS.

  2. eduboris says:

    that would be a nice race, FPSRUSSIA might shot out his tires and win!! lol
    I guess that YouTube money ain’t so bad after all

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    Yeah.. I think the youtube money is treating these guys nice!

  4. cordless framing nailers says:

    we’re guessing that our favorite Russian likes his bowtie!

  5. Aleš says:

    @Celebrity Cars

    About the win…. camaro wins!!!!!!!!!!!

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