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The Top 10 Comments From a Ridiculous Thread on VWVortex

Kim Inspecting Her FerrariOur story on Kim Kardashian and her Ferrari 458 made some waves at VWVortex yesterday and we couldn’t help but enjoy the commentary that ensued.

Here is our top 10 comments from this thread at The Car Lounge.

10. No, shes famous because her daddy helped OJ get away with it.

9. I would even go as far to say that I would get the jitters behind an italia.. WTF IS SHE DOING DRIVING ONE!!!!??? ****!

8. I’m surprise her butt can fit in the sports seat

7. A better question would be “Why is even Kim’s fat ass not worth a black man’s trouble for an extended period of time”

6. I just wanna jump up and down on her belly. Is that so much to ask!?

5. Porsche 911 GT3 RS: The only way to be 100% sure that Kim Kardashian doesn’t drive what you do.

4.  Is she talented? Not in my opinion. She is sexy.

3.  That’s hott. /paris hilton

2. Stop complaining. You know you’d hit it.

1. Why does it matter?
She’s hot.
She’s famous.
She has a 458. And you don’t.
So don’t hate.



6 Responses to The Top 10 Comments From a Ridiculous Thread on VWVortex

  1. Matt farah says:

    Every time i refer to her on the show, I make sure to use the lead-in “world famous porn star Kim kardashian” just so people remember why she’s famous (read: for sucking and swallowing in a fully staged sex tape)

  2. Joe says:

    That’s hott made me chuckle

  3. OC Kia says:

    The best part about blogs and and forums are the hilarious comments. I like the snark. Some posters are “snarkier” and “meaner” than others but that’s what makes it fun!

  4. Lando says:

    That was a riot! Lol

  5. A Playboy Bunny says:

    LOL oh goodie another boring picture of the fame whore LOL I love comment # 8 and her fatass would break the seat

  6. Vivid Celeb says:

    I don’t know… I can’t hate on this pic at all… sexy girl next to even sexier ride ahhhhh…

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