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Paris Hilton – Classy Enough For Bentley?

Paris Hilton was recently spotted leaving dinner in her blue Bentley Continental. With all the news lately about Paris and Bentley Motors it’s hard to not leave it alone so we have to ask — do you think Paris is classy enough to rock the Bentley? Or do you think she’s ruining the 92-year-old brand?

Paris Hilton Bentley

8 Responses to Paris Hilton – Classy Enough For Bentley?

  1. Sex Tape says:

    Damn, I would love to have just 1/32 money that girl has… jeez

  2. 20mg france says:

    as to me- this is a nice car for her to drive!!

  3. kwads says:

    The lady has a taste for the cars I think she z cool on it.

  4. Manny Pacman says:

    She looks stunning in any car, and any car with her inside would definitely look stunning as well. That pinkified Bentley is really nice. I’m going to get one for Jinky when I beat Juan Miguel Marquez.

  5. Pedrito says:

    I’ve seen your Ferrari, Pacman. It was ugly. And for the third time, Juan Marquez will outwit and outbox you. People found the first two bouts you had against him as anomalous. Juan Marquez won those two fights. VIVA MEXICO! ORALE QUE VIVA!

  6. marc says:

    Paris Hilton is a useless slut that her mother should have aborted. She’s disgusting and no, doesn’t have the elegance to pull off a Bentley.

  7. Gotham says:

    Bentleys have become go ghetto since the Continental GT came out that Paris is a perfect match for its already tarnished image. They have fallen prey to the gold chain crowd!

  8. bobby culhane says:

    why not drive, but please change your own oil.

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