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Video: Camille Grammer Runs Around Malibu In A Tesla

Forget Kelsey Grammer. Camille Grammer has definitely moved on and she's not alone. She's got a Tesla and a younger boyfriend. What else would you expect from a Beverly Hills Housewife?

Check out the video below. Poor camera man thinks the cars "broken"...no sir, it's just electric and very quiet.

4 Responses to Video: Camille Grammer Runs Around Malibu In A Tesla

  1. LeLu says:

    LOL, she’s even got him holding her purse…what a whipped loser.

  2. Joe says:

    At least he’s hitting it

  3. Frbaby says:

    The tesla S is going to put this car to shame. You’ll probably be able to buy one for 30k when the S comes out

  4. Lando says:

    When you’re a dude holding a Gerard Darel for your babe – you’re a certified whipped! But then maybe he was hoping he could get lucky …

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