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Sylvester Stallone: All Business In The SL

Sylvester Stallone ran around Los Angeles recently in his black Mercedes-Benz SL65. Now this is one sexy car…don’t you think so?

Sylvester Stallone Mercedes SL65

13 Responses to Sylvester Stallone: All Business In The SL

  1. John R says:

    not just a sl65 but an sl65 black series! $300k

  2. Nissan says:

    Are the black ones more expensive than other colors? I do think this car looks better in black though than white (like the one Britney used to have). I wish she were still driving her SL, I like that car.

  3. cefd says:

    So, Nissan, you know very little about cars…
    Anyways, SL Black Series, serious stuff!!

  4. Banky Edwards says:

    Black Series does have nothing to do with the color. It’s just a more “hardcore” AMG Version.

  5. LeLu says:

    The SL itself looks nice, but that spoiler is just friggen stupid.

  6. ndawg says:

    We have a SL65 Designo Edition and I prefer that to the Black Series. I know the Black Series is more hardcore but the beauty of the SL is the hardtop folding roof.

  7. jackrabbit says:

    Spoiler is an HGH supplement. What a funny guy.

  8. Joe says:

    That car is on roids…seems fitting for him

  9. Von says:

    That’s a perfect fit – Rocky Balboa in a Cheddy SL65. I’m just glad it’s not a maybach or a phantom.

  10. kiranmark says:

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  11. Deltona says:

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  12. partsgeek says:

    I have always had my perks with this brand. It`s my favorite urban model, and meanwhile excellent on road trips. I have this one principle I support my actions on – there are some things you don`t do every day. So once you do them, just make a decision that could just cover a long term investment. When it comes to cars, I`m not that big a fan of engine performance as I fancy about tech gadgets.

  13. Matthias says:

    That is a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series, it starts at $300,000. It is a very sexy car, and with a V12 engine with 661 Horsepower, it is extremely powerful. I absolutely love it, definitely one of my favorite supercars. Stallone looks like a boss riding around in it too.

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