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Rose McGowan Jumps Into Her Porsche

Actress Rose McGowan was spotted jumping into her Porsche Cayenne recently which got us thinking — why don’t we see more celebrities in Cayenne’s?

Rose McGowan Porsche Cayenne

5 Responses to Rose McGowan Jumps Into Her Porsche

  1. Erone says:

    The Cayenne is a really nice looking SUV, I think. Will never understand why celebs choose the butt ugly Panamera over this.

  2. EL says:

    The Cayenne looks nice, especially in Turbo guise. I prefer it over the Range Rover but not the G55.

  3. Von says:

    Look at you, babe – hot and driving a cayenne. You are far better off without Marilyn Manson.

  4. Ios On Android Phone says:

    she looks great.i like her a lot.

  5. indianapolis car loan says:

    I love the Porsche Cayenne. I don’t know why we don’t see more celebrities driving Cayennes. They are such a great car.

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