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Paris Hilton Rides Around Europe In DJ Afrojack’s BMW

Paris Hilton was recently spotted heading to an airport in Europe with Dutch music producer Nick van de Wall who is also know as DJ Afrojack. Afrojack and Paris showed up in Afrojack’s matte white carbon fiber¬†wrapped BMW M6. First look at this M6 and you might not even notice the matte white print but you definitely can’t miss the carbon black trunk. Hot or not? What do you guys think of this M6? Either way I guess it’s nice enough for Paris to ride around in it.

Paris Hilton DJ Afrojack BMW M6

We found some other shots of Afrojack’s M6 so you can see the details on the wrap below.

DJ Afrojack BMW

DJ Afrojack Matte Carbon Fiber BMW M6

Photo Source: AUTOGESPOT

6 Responses to Paris Hilton Rides Around Europe In DJ Afrojack’s BMW

  1. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Hmmm never liked the 6 series that much especially in this color combo maybe the older 6 series was boarderline okay looking but I never liked the new body style 6 series get a 5 series dude as for the trust fund nobody standing there I’m sure in her mind she’s thinking she needs a Rolls-Royce to be driven in but in reality taking the bus might actually do her some good

  2. CJ says:

    That’s Hot!

  3. Erone says:

    Both Hilton and the car are seriously ugly, so it’s a perfect match.

  4. A Playboy Bunny says:

    No CJ its not hot but I guess all your taste is all in your mouth loser just like these two losers Paris and this afro guy

  5. Kimper says:

    It is not very attractive…….

  6. Tom says:

    This is a perfect example that the dutch don’t have any taste … in anything!!

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