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Two Celebrities That Don’t Have A Bugatti But Should

We recently spotted two different celebrities checking out two different Bugatti’s and it got us thinking…

Sir Mix-A-Lot and Arnold Schwarzenegger might be two completely different celebrities but money and cars are two things that they do have in common. So why not throw the big bucks down for a Bugatti?

Sir Mix-A-Lot Bugatti

Wouldn’t you love to see The Terminator or Sir Mix-A-Lot behind the wheel of a Bugatti? We would.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bugatti

3 Responses to Two Celebrities That Don’t Have A Bugatti But Should

  1. Auto Dealers Anaheim says:

    How did Sir Mix A Lot manage to stay so wealthy when MC Hammer went broke. As far as I know, Sir Mix a Lot had only one hit single… Did he do anything after that?

  2. Rian says:

    he had a few singles that were “hits”. I think where most of the money comes from now are the royalties from baby got back. You still hear the song EVERYWHERE. Its so mainstream now. He recently released some album but obviously did not do too well. I just think all in all, he is just good with his money. He probably invested it unlike hammer and lots of others who are flat broke. I like how mix is a REAL car guy too. Avid member in the Lamborghini community and he doesnt bling them up either. Hes a proper car guy!

  3. Celebrity Gossip says:

    The perfect car for Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hummer 1

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