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The Situation Adds A “GTL” Lamborghini To His Collection

As if his Ferrari wasn’t enough to make you sick, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has a new Lamborghini to add to his garage. The car was apparently “customized” especially for “The Situation” and he even added the GTL license plates as if things weren’t eye catching enough.

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Lamborghini

Mike The Situation Lamborghini

The Situation Lamborghini

17 Responses to The Situation Adds A “GTL” Lamborghini To His Collection

  1. Jcm says:

    could mike get any to be any more of a douche and i cannot wait to see what else he adds to his collection of douche mobiles 😀

  2. Jcm says:

    sorry said any twice*

  3. Kenny88 says:

    Just can’t wait see tho kids going broke and make a headline …lol

  4. DJL says:

    I was watching a youtube interview with Ricky Gervais where he talked about reality TV “stars” who finish their shows thinking their lives are only going to get bigger and better who are never heard from again. However, I suspect “The Situation” will end up making one more big splash in the media, when it’s announced that the banks have seized his homes and cars and he’s now crashing on a friend’s dingy old couch.

  5. jeff says:

    wow, looks like the haters are out in full force! 😉

  6. Erone says:

    Not haters, just speaking the truth. This tool is making big money now, but I doubt he is investing or doing any kind of financial planning for the future..so yeah, when Jersey Shore runs it’s course, he’s gonna be SOL.

    As for the car, nice plaque..yeah, nobodies ever done customized rims on a Gallardo before.

  7. Rian says:

    ^^^ i think the dude had money before “Jersey Shore”. Didnt he part own/run a gym or something? The situation is pretty old too. He’s not like a 21 year old kid. He’s getting book deals, magazine articles and other appearances. I think out of all these goombas, The Sitch will probably be the most successful.Laughing with everyone else all the way to the bank….Now Snooki on the other hand, that will be an absolute trainwreck!

  8. Mat says:

    so true with all these skanks and manwhores going broke xD but hey, hes definitely living it up getting sumthin like this xP

  9. New Cars Omaha says:

    Not just the Situation is getting book deals Rian. Snooki got one too and hers was on the NY times Best sellers list I believe. ALL of them care cashing out from appearances, hosting clubs and magazines. Not just the Situation.

  10. Supercar Forum for Auto Enthusiasts says:

    okay yes hes on a huge tv show but i dont see how he gets the money to afford this?? its not like they asked him to join the show he auditioned for it.

  11. Tom L says:

    You’re sure to score with a ride like that. Black is always hot.

  12. rocky sly says:

    Where did he get the money? I don’t know, maybe stocks? fx trading? bonds? I heard you could make tons of money with those.

  13. Zach says:

    That ride is a looker.

  14. George Lopez says:


  15. joey nesh says:

    its for sale on ebay

  16. Michele says:

    He has a white one now. I passed him on the road today

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