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Kevin Durant Gets Red Hot

We really wish Kevin Durant was still in Seattle but we lost the SONICS to Oklahoma City a while back and apparently Kevin Durant has picked up some crazy new style with his Matte Red Camaro SS!

Kevin Durant's Matte Red Camaro Side View

Kevin Durant's Matte Red Camaro Rear End

Kevin Durant's Matte Red Camaro

We’re guessing he might have been jealous of Lebron James’ Camaro. I imagine this car will see eBay Motors in about 2 years. #justsayin

13 Responses to Kevin Durant Gets Red Hot

  1. Tyq says:

    Its not very easy on the eyes.

  2. CJ says:

    Now that’s LOUD!

  3. Erone says:

    Blech. Celebrities, professional athletes and musicians…give the matte thing a rest..PLEASE!

  4. Lindsay says:

    @Erone agreed! It’s annoyig and gross! this one is very LOUD

  5. ooyyo UK says:

    Nice car.Remmembers me on Farrari. probablly because of color.

  6. Ryan says:

    A Ferrari??

  7. whatnot says:


  8. manuka says:

    A perfect example for no style but too much cash!

  9. Find a car says:

    exactly the type of car ill pull over while on duty

  10. Paul Meister says:

    I saw this car last night in Downtown Miami…maybe he will be getting some performance camaro parts from Torq

  11. Dwight Holien says:

    the matte red Camaro rocks for sure!

  12. Tom L says:

    That’s too much RED for any car!

  13. rocky sly says:

    I love matte, but red?

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