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Justin Bieber Gets Tough In A Rolls Royce

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston made a call to the police when they were mobbed by fans in Sean’s Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe down in Miami recently. News flash Biebs — you’re in a Rolls Royce Drophead so everyone (and by everyone we mean all the teenage girls) can see you. It’s just going to happen.

Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Rolls Royce

Source: TMZ

17 Responses to Justin Bieber Gets Tough In A Rolls Royce

  1. Jaim says:

    Justin Beaver is such a douche… I really don’t understand the appeal! He looks like a 10 year old and sounds like a girl… People need to get a grip and stop swarming this child. I’m sure I’ll get comments of you’re just jealous blah blah blah, but no no, yes I’d love his money, but he’s got nothing else to be jealous of.

  2. Location de Voitures says:

    What about a more modest car for the teenager? 😀 If it’s like in the UK, the insurance for that car, being driven by such a young driver, must be a bomb!

  3. Tyq says:

    Its not like he didnt know he would get swamped by fans. He likes the attention and making a scene.
    And while I am envious of that amazing car, he looks just silly in it. Like a little kid pretending to drive and acting all badass. Just annoying.

  4. Erone says:

    Anyone ever notice that with all the Bieber car pics, he is always driving somebody else’s car?…seems really strange.

    I get aggravated with law enforcement being used as security/babysitters by these celebutards. The police are being diverted from real police work by this little bedwetter crying and having hissy fits everytime fans try to interact with him…which he facilitates every chance he gets, BTW.

    Your 15 are almost up, little kid.

  5. Gigel says:

    This kid must be really gangsta because he acts like he’s black and he has “homies.”

  6. Really?! says:

    There’s nothing “gay” about it. He’s simply and idiotic, unimpressive wannabe.

  7. George says:

    I don’t know what happen with Justin, I mean, If I were famous, I wouldn’t hang out with 30 years old guys ! He should be hanging out with Taylor Launter, Cody simpson, etc…

  8. Tom L says:

    This kiddo is trying too hard.

  9. rocky sly says:

    money and fame can’t buy brains.

  10. Zach says:

    this kid is a wacko

  11. sunbeam says:

    shouldnt he be at school?

    • Detroit4life says:

      No, when you have made more money in the first couple years of your career then everyone you have ever known ever will, I think school is optional

  12. Bosie says:

    I feel like throwing up.

  13. FRANSLAH says:

    I don`t nd wuld ne`er blame Justin,He`s young nd for that matter expressing the ethos of his age nd generation.We must rather blame the adults around him who are missing the mark on advising nd steering him clear.Anyway he`s made his name nd created a hallmark.

  14. Theo says:

    I like justin bieber but guys don’t be jealous about his cars and money go get your own life stay out on his way in life because god has blessed him so much

  15. Detroit4life says:

    Rolls, f-1mclarens, bentleys, pssshhh. This kid is young, rich, and well pretty much just a normal guy other then the fact that he has seemingly unlimited spending power. But, just like any other guy, he will drink himself to death or get broke and fall into obscurity. Who cares? Carry on.

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