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Feel What It’s Like To Be Cortland Finnegan In This BMW

A football player with classy taste?? Is this for real?

Cortland Finnegan

Our friends over at Eurocar are selling this beautiful BMW 750Li owned by Tennessee Titan defensive back Cortland Finnegan. We’re loving the black exterior and white interior look. Take a look at the eBay listing here.

Cortland Finnegan BMW

Cortland Finnegan BMW Interior



5 Responses to Feel What It’s Like To Be Cortland Finnegan In This BMW

  1. Erone says:

    7 series is not my favorite BMW model, but that interior is beautiful!

    The rest of these athlete clowns should take a page out of Finnegan’s book, instead of ghettofying their cars.

  2. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Yuck I can’t stand the 7 series! Anyone that gets a 7 series isn’t thinking straight for sure people actually think this car looks good??? It’s way to big and well just plain boring at least the 5 series looks nice/sexy and its more of a normal size sedan dude please ditch this 7 series and get a 5 series

  3. Tom L says:

    I love the car. It is definitely classy, but I think a BMW is kinda’ soft for a toughie like Finnegan.

  4. rocky sly says:

    well, if that’s what he could afford …

  5. Zach says:

    Titans don’t ride bmws. They ride mustangs or ferraris.

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