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Channing Tatum’s Old School Pickup Has Style

Channing Tatum was spotted running around in his classic Chevy truck recently. Yeah, it’s not super flashy or new but we like the classic trucks and this one is definitely looking good! What do you think? Would you rock it?

5 Responses to Channing Tatum’s Old School Pickup Has Style

  1. Tyq says:

    Sweet ride 🙂

  2. Erone says:

    Classic beats super flashy/new any day of the week. The color is BEAUTIFUL…love it!

  3. sunbeam says:

    thats a lovely truck and i like the green and chrome.

    on a side note, channing either has to do some leg work to build his bottom half up, or change his arm and chest exercises and get leaner on the top half. chicken legs on a big body is not a good look.

  4. Tom L says:

    What an awesome truck. Man, I love his ride!

  5. rocky sly says:

    That truck is an all-star. Great taste, Channing.

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