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Ozzy Osbourne Takes His New Ferrari For A Spin

OK, so maybe “spin” isn’t the best word choice considering last time Ozzy was behind the wheel of a Ferrari he rear ended a Mercedes-Benz with only 20 miles after getting his license (and 19 failed attempts). With all that aside though, Ozzy Osbourne’s at it again and this time it’s in a Ferrari 458 Italia. We just spotted Ozzy running around in his new Ferrari today and he was lookin like a pro. What do you think?

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing this time!

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia


Source: X17 Online

9 Responses to Ozzy Osbourne Takes His New Ferrari For A Spin

  1. manuka says:

    Just another person with too much money. He doesn’t even know its a Ferrari

  2. andy says:

    the matte black is sooooooo f’n played. Not to mention is looks horrible on this ferrari.

  3. JoeM says:

    in his defense, I don’t think he’s doing it because of the fad, I think it’s because he’s the prince of darkness

  4. Tyq says:

    This just looks wrong in so many ways.

  5. Darkblade says:

    Rock n Roll! The Prince of Darkness in his bad@ss car. I wanna go for a spin Ozzy! STFU manuka, jealous SOB. This man deserves the best. 40+ years of platinum hard rock with Sabbath 1/4 of the time, and solo the rest, earned him the right to spend a bit on himself. If this is what rocks your socks off Ozzy, right on!

  6. Meadowoman says:

    ^V^ …Ozzy’s batmobile… ^V^

    Long live Ozzy!

  7. Sabbatical says:

    Ozzy will stop being the greatest rocker in the world when people stop making thousands of comments even about his fucking car, or cat, or whatever …

    the Russian Black Sabbath Fan Club, Moscow

  8. sunbeam says:

    should have not gotten it murdered out. also, i am not sure ozzy in a 550hp ferrari is such a great idea. the dude has permanent shakes from all the drink and drugs and i am sure his reflxes have been dulled as well.

  9. handicap vans says:

    I really like this cutie, Ozzy Osbourne and he really must be happy to have finally have made it after all those desperate attempts to get his license!! I thought he would go in for something brighter and I think that the color doesn’t really go with his character!! I am sure that a bright blue or even a white would have complimented him more than this dull brown!! But what the heck, a Ferrari is a Ferrari, right?!

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