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Mel Gibson Gets A Little Tipsy With His Smart Car

Mel Gibson recently purchased a new car and with a fortune estimated around $800 million you’d think it might be something exciting but its not. Instead, it’s a Smart Car. Mel was spotted getting out of his new Smart over the weekend while taking an impressive fall that you’d think only someone like Paula Abdul could pull off.

Mel Gibson Smart Car

Way to keep it together Mel, way to keep it together….

4 Responses to Mel Gibson Gets A Little Tipsy With His Smart Car

  1. Tyq says:

    I would imagine after all the S Classes and Bentleys it must be fun for him to drive around in such a small little car. Though riding in the front doesnt feel small, its VERY spacious, you can be 6’5 and fit no problem. Also its nippy, comfortable and economical little car that doesnt draw attention with great mpgs so he never has to stop to fill it up. And its german so its made better than most cars on the road. Why not, I say 😛

  2. Cathedral City Ford says:

    I disagree with you Tyq about the Smart Car not attracting attention. S class Benz and Benz in general are VERY common and a dime a dozen and people won’t look twice at a S-class but a Smart Car? That car is so tiny it stands out like a sore thumb! I always notice Smart Cars right away; on the freeway it looks like a toy car among regular sized cars and SUV. Extremely noticeable. You gotta be brave to drive a Smart Car.

  3. Chris says:

    It looks like Mel is running away from the embarrassment of owning a Smart Car. Lol

  4. Supercar Forum for Auto Enthusiasts says:

    my question is why are you driving a smart car when you have so much money? hell id have a bugatti or something sick

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