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The Biebs Hangs Out With Chris Brown And His Lambo

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown were spotted coming out of a studio recently and hanging out around Chris’ famous jet fighter Lamborghini. The Biebs is probably thinking he needs a Lambo now too.

Justin Bieber Chris Brown Lamborghini
















Chris Brown Justin Bieber Lamborghini

7 Responses to The Biebs Hangs Out With Chris Brown And His Lambo

  1. Benz says:

    are u serious?????? does his crotch really say bbc

  2. Ambient says:

    Yeah, CB is classy like that…didn’t you know?

  3. Lindsay says:

    BBC= Big Bad C**k?

  4. BBC says:

    LOL people, BBC is a brand of clothing. It’s quite popular with the trendy people.

    BBC stands for Billionaire Boys Club. It’s a Japanese clothing brand.

  5. Ambient says:

    It’s called a double entendre…I’m sure that it is just coincendental that the logo is placed where it is.

    BBC is actually a partnership between Pharrell Williams and
    Japanese DJ, music producer and Bape creator, Nago. While the line is manafactured in Japan, it is not really a Japanese company, per se. It’s basically for people that have to try WAY too hard to be cool.

  6. wonderful joko says:

    hey! im sure….im stay in cape town……i enjoy ur music nd hip hop..frm wonderful deaf..reply

  7. wonderful joko says:

    i wnt 2 the wear nd t-shirt.u give me pliz send office post….

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