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Epic Meal Time Rolling SMART! in a Honda

Our favorite Canadians were caught rolling deep in a Honda Accord while going out after Vidcon! Yo Harley, saving gas is SMART, but where’s the Jack!

Muscles Glasses is no where to be seen, wtf!

**If you don’t get that joke then check out a couple episodes of Epic Meal Time at Youtube!

Epic Meal Time at Vidcon

7 Responses to Epic Meal Time Rolling SMART! in a Honda

  1. Lindsay says:

    These losers arent celebrities!!!! Stick to stories about celebs from now on please!

  2. NotLindsay says:

    Those losers are more creative and SMART than Lindsay. Last time I checked, they make more $$ by creating and consuming copious amounts of that JACK DANIELS and epic meals than Lindsay will ever make. How do you do that? FUCKING SMART. Call me when you’re on Leno, bitch.

  3. Jay Leno says:

    Boom roasted.

  4. Jack Dangiels says:


  5. Celebrity Cars says:

    Lindsay – we suggest you do your research before making comments like that.

  6. Adam says:

    Its MusclesGlasses or GusclesMasses

  7. tj says:

    wtf are haters doing taking pictures in order to write stories about ppl they think are not celebs. f u.

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