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Ashley Olsen Catches A Ride In NYC

Ashley Olsen carried her French Bulldog (who doesn’t look very comfortable) under one arm as she jumped into the back of a Yukon recently.

Ashley Olsen Yukon
















I guess when you spend most of your time in NYC you don’t really have to drive but seriously with all the money they have you’d think they’d want to drop some cash on some hot rides. We’ve seen the other half of the Olsen empire running around in a Porsche before but anyone know what else they own?

8 Responses to Ashley Olsen Catches A Ride In NYC

  1. kie says:

    aww , her frenchie is so cute !

  2. Ambient says:

    Maybe if she wasn’t lugging around such a ridiculously large bag, she could hold her dog correctly…or maybe just put the dog IN the purse, since it’s so freaking big 😉

    Both twins used to have Range Rovers, and Ashley had a G Wagon at one point. Don’t know if they still have them or not, though.

  3. Juan says:

    Also when they were living in LA, Ashley drove a Cadillac STS. And they are always seen being chauffeured in the back of Mercedes S class. Also MK use to drive a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

  4. tanzeelansari says:

    Ashley have get a fantastic car i also want you to sell car in pakistan so that we can also have these awesome car to use.

  5. pinkdiamonds says:

    Yeah its amazing with so much money she doesn’t even know what to do with she couldn’t get something a lot nicer like a Rolls-Royce or something like that what a waste of a billion dollars

  6. Ben says:

    In my opinion, Suburbans and Yukons (and Escalades) are the most comfortable to travel around New York. While a Phantom or Maybach is also quite large, it doesn’t compare to the space available in a truck like this. Who cares how much money she has…I respect the fact that she isn’t flashy and tacky.

  7. Rich says:

    Um actually, a Maybach 62 is FAR more comfortable and roomy for a rear occupant than this lowly SUV.

    I would prefer to be driven around in a Range Rover, S-Class, Phantom or Maybach!

  8. Ben says:

    Are you speaking from personal experience or just making an assumption? I travel to New York quite a bit with my mom and we’re driven solely in these “lowly SUVs.” Depending on the interior configuration, we actually have more room in a Yukon, Suburban, or Escalade than we do in a Maybach. While they is extremely comfortable, a Maybach is way too flashy for me. I like to keep a low-profile when I travel, meaning I don’t like to parade around my wealth tastelessly. Lastly, try being driven around in a Maybach/Phantom in the winter – they’re rear-wheel drive; four-wheel or all-wheel is definitely superior in the snow.

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