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Last Weeks Guess Who – Ellen Pompeo

Last weeks Guess Who was Ellen Pompeo getting into her black Range Rover.

Ellen Pompeo
















Ellen Pompeo Range Rover

4 Responses to Last Weeks Guess Who – Ellen Pompeo

  1. Ambient says:

    Nobody looks good in skinny jeans…NOBODY!

  2. Tyq says:

    This jeans design really is stupid.

  3. Burbank Ford says:

    It doesn’t look stupid. I like it. Skinny jeans look much better with heels than flats but I don’t think it looks bad. Why is it stupid?

    I had no idea it was Ellen Pompeo btw.

  4. Car Lease Return Southern California says:

    Is Ellen Pompeo the actress from the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy? I can’t really tell with the glasses, but it looks like her.

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