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Looks Like Katie Holmes Has A New Little Ride

Katie Holmes fed the meter after she parked a silver Mini Cooper recently. We rarely see her drive anything other than her Mercedes CLK convertible so spotting her in a Mini Cooper is a surprise and kind of a let down only because we always hoped that if we saw her behind the wheel of something else it would be better than the CLK.

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper


Source: X17 Online

One Response to Looks Like Katie Holmes Has A New Little Ride

  1. Ford Glendale says:

    Maybe in her opinion she thinks the Mini Cooper is better than the CLK. Some people who are not car savvy don’t consider performance or brand status when considering a car; perhaps she likes the look of the Mini? Other stars who I have seen photographed in a Mini include Britney Spears, Rachel Stevens (when she was trying to become an actress in L.A a few years ago) and Diana Agron (before the Audi).

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