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Looks Like Jeremy Piven’s Still Rockin’ His Bronco

We were beginning to wonder if Jeremy Piven still had his brown topless Ford Bronco until just recently when we spotted him enjoying the sun with the top down. Last time we spotted him in the Bronco was probably back in 2007 and it still looks just as good as it did then. Would you rock Piven’s Bronco? We would any day.

Jeremy Piven Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven Ford Bronco

2 Responses to Looks Like Jeremy Piven’s Still Rockin’ His Bronco

  1. Car Lease Return Los Angeles says:

    I love Jeremy Pivens as an actor! And I’d definitely rock a Bronco! I’m actually one of those girls who loves both jeeps and trucks, and I feel like a Bronco is a marriage of the two!

  2. Five Star Ford says:

    Being that it’s almost summer time, a Ford Bronco with the top down would be the perfect way to cruise to the beach in style.

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