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Ashley Tisdale Fills Up Her G-Wagon

Ashley Tisdale Mercedes Benz G WagonWe're going to go ahead and say this white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is indeed Ashley Tisdale's new ride. Even though she also has (or had) a black G-Wagon. Guess a person can never have too many G-Wagon's.


Ashley was spotted filling up the tank of the new white G-Wagon while wearing some seriously tall shoes that made her super long legs look even longer, which in our eyes is definitely not a bad thing.



Lets just hope she can drive that thing!


Ashley Tisdale Mercedes Benz G Wagon


2 Responses to Ashley Tisdale Fills Up Her G-Wagon

  1. Jcm says:

    i love ashley she has good taste in cars and always looks hot when ever she is out driving them so she can drive anything in my opinion but the g-wagon is a good fit for her XD

  2. Tyler says:

    My aunt has the supercharged model of this car. :)

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