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Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal Jumping Into His Audi

Jake Gyllenhaal tried to hide under his hood as he left the gym recently and hopped into his Audi Q7.

Jake Gyllenhaal Audi Q7

4 Responses to Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal Jumping Into His Audi

  1. isaacjson says:


  2. sunbeam says:

    i dont think the Q7 is that great looking, but forget that, gym or no gym, dressing like that is unacceptable. slippers, shorts, hooded sweat shirt. no no no.

  3. andy says:

    @ sunbeam……. what the hell do you suggest he wear to the gym? a fucking suit.

  4. sunbeam says:

    shorts are to be worn by children, not men. slippers are for the bathroom, home and beach. sweatshirts are worn only for convenience and only because they are low maintenance and convenient.

    you can go into any nike and adidas store and find stylish fitted sportwear these days at a reasonable price. he can dress like a 12 year old if he likes. i personally think its tardy. when he is at film premieres he is actually well presented even when dressed casually.

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