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EUROCAR Live – Better Than a Black Card

EurocarWe all know that celebrities run around shopping with their AMEX black cards and often times even shut down stores to have a private shopping experience, but when it comes to shopping for your next celebrity ride, EUROCAR just stepped it up big time.

Forget about driving to the dealership, they’ve launched private e-viewing shopping experiences.  We don’t have all the details and we haven’t experienced it ourselves (despite the Cayenne GTS we want from them) but we imagine it’s one of the better shopping experiences and when it comes to the amazing inventory they have, we know this will be a popular service, especially for celebs!

Check it out today! Oh, and you can see more of their cars after the jump!

Tilo Steurer with George Lopez

Tilo Steurer with George Lopez

Eurocar Costa Mesa

Eurocar Khloe Kardashian

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