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Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Buys A Lamborghini

BBC’s Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond is apparently running around in a new black Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder. Why black? Well, some say it’s so the car matches his helicopter. Oh the little things in life…

Most know about Richard Hammond’s love for Pagani and his last Porsche purchase so to hear that his most recent supercar purchase didn’t come from Germany this time might be a little surprising to some. The Lambo reportedly cost the Hamster somewhere around $260,000 and while he was at it, he also tacked on another $14,000 for a new Fiat 500 for his wife. Can someone explain to us how that equals out? ­čÖé

No photos yet but when we find one we’ll let you know.

Richard Hammond












Lamborghini Gallardo

6 Responses to Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Buys A Lamborghini

  1. CJ says:

    His eyes always looked creepy…

  2. Butters says:

    Pagani is an Italian car

  3. isaacjson says:

    surprising┬áchoice by hamster…..

  4. Sigurd says:

    Pagani isn’t german, it’s italian.

  5. Supercar Performance Exotic Car says:

    retarded person whoever wrote this. i wish i could drive supercars all over like he does

  6. christine says:

    richard hamond and a lamborghini [heaven]

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