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Own A Piece Of Charlie Sheen’s History!

Talk about tigers blood interior.

Charlie Sheen Ferrari 550 Maranello

So we’re guessing the current owner of this beautiful Ferrari 550 Maranello wouldn’t be trying to sell right now if it wasn’t for the crazy headlines Charlie Sheen’s been making recently but thanks to those headlines the guy probably figures he can make a extra buck. Why not right?

The Ferrari was originally bought new by Charlie Sheen. According to rumors, it’s said that Charlie only sold the car so that he could pay for his wedding to Denise Richards. Either way, it’s a beauty so check out the eBay listing here for more photos and details. What do you think it will sell for??

Charlie Sheen Ferrari 550 Maranello


Charlie Sheen Ferrari 550 Maranello



6 Responses to Own A Piece Of Charlie Sheen’s History!

  1. Tyq says:

    One of the most beautiful cars ever made. Id much rather have this one than any of the new models.

  2. manuk says:

    YES!! What a beauty! Such a nice car! Would love to have one some day! They are actually quite affordable these days. Though I’d take a 575.
    Team Charlie!

  3. Hova says:

    Finally a real Ferrari on this site. This car is almost a classic now compared to the current line-up.

  4. pinkdiamonds says:

    Hmmm yes I love Ferrari this one is okay looking the inside is very red I dont think the inside is attractive it would be much better with a black interior and it looks very dated on the inside I don’t know what year this car is I’m assuming its at least 10-15 years old so that’s probably why it looks dated on the inside at least the color is nice on the outside nice silver color huh the front of this car is pretty but the sides are ugly and the back, well it does have that classic Ferrari backside which does look nice the rims are ugly as sin though put some bigger chrome rims on it, it might look a little bit better I’m surprised that Mr. Benz actually had this car no way he loves Mercedes-Benzes to much

  5. isaacjson says:


  6. Lindsay says:

    Nice car!!!……BAD STAR!

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